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Conversion Courses Make Career Transitions Easy
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Looking to switch your career and upgrade yourself? Pursue conversion courses which allow you to make career transitions and work in the field you are interested in. Let's say you are working as a Digital Marketing Executive in a software company and you are looking for a role of an Accountant. In this scenario, you can easily take up a conversion course in Accounting and build your career as an Accountant. SP PACE Academy is a renowned CET provider, located in Singapore, which offers conversion courses. Pursuing conversion courses in your preferred subject, can help you widen your perspectives. You will not only learn about your preferred industry, you will also get an edge over your peers with the professional certification. These courses are great for mid-career professionals who look for professional growth in a newer work area and domain. Conversion courses, offered at SP PACE Academy, enable the participants to boost their career graph like never before.

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Widen Career Scopes with SkillsFuture Credit-eligi
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Singapore Government has come up with the SkillsFuture initiative, which aims to equip the advanced-level professionals with updated industry knowledge and expertise. The government offers a SkillsFuture Credit amount of S$500 to the citizens of the country, to help them pay their course fees. This boosts lifelong learning and encourages the Singaporeans to pursue the SkillsFuture courses. SP PACE Academy is a Singapore-based institute, which offers SkillsFuture programmes and other professional training courses to the working individuals for their career progression. SP PACE Academy hires some of the most qualified lecturers/trainers to train the adult learners. These trainers conduct interactive classes, which help the students widen their industry-relevant knowledge. Students learn to take greater variety of work, adhere to quality standards and increase their ability to respond efficiently to change. SkillsFuture courses also allow the students to upgrade their time management and communication skills. Helping students realise their professional aspirations, SkillsFuture courses enable the learners to improve their career opportunities. For more information visit: http://www.sp.edu.sg/wps/portal/vp-spws/pace

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Pursue Built Environment Courses through SP PACE
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Do you want to expand your knowledge on built environment and build your career in this related sector? Then register for built environment courses at SP PACE Academy, a leading CET provider based in Singapore. This is a training academy which is well-known for its curriculum and exclusive training methods. Some of these methods include seminars, workshops, group-based assignments, real-life case studies and interactive classes. Each of these training formats enables the participants to gain detailed knowledge on maintenance of built environment. The candidates learn about the sustainability of old buildings, structures and human-made surroundings which include pavements, parks, roads, bridges and tunnels. Updated training and education is offered to the participants to help them improve their industry skills. Candidates get to deepen their knowledge on the conservation of the existing built environment and the ways to protect it from damage or ruin. This enhances their potentials and sharpens their core skills needed in this sector.

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