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Transform Career with a Professional Conversion

Are you interested in a career switch? Do you want to advance your skills to stay employable and relevant? Then pursue a professional conversion programme to expand your knowledge. These courses are particularly developed to help the learners take up new career opportunities in different industries. SP PACE Academy is a leading Singapore-based CET provider which offers conversion programmes to those who are keen to upskill themselves for newer job roles. In essence, these training programmes are best suited for those who are willing to change their jobs and work in new sectors. Students, pursuing conversion programmes, undergo advanced training and participate in workshops, to serve in new industries efficiently. SP PACE Academy ensures that each course-participant receives adequate opportunities to prepare themselves for lucrative job offers and opportunities. The trainers at this academy tap onto the potentials of the candidates to equip them with the essential skills and expertise. The trainers leave no stone unturned to guide and mentor the students for their flourishing career.

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Industry-relevant Courses for the Career-minded

To maximise your professional capacities and productivity standards, it is important to pursue a relevant course. There are many industry-relevant courses, which are offered for the advanced learners, by many reputed institutes. SP PACE Academy is one of the leading Singapore-based CET providers, which delivers top-class training and development programmes to help the participants boost their performance and dexterity. This is an academy which believes in fully nurturing the freshers as well as the mid-career professionals, to help them thrive in this highly competitive job sector. The training modules and resources, used by the trainers at SP PACE Academy, engage the learners and improve their retention power. The occasional workshops and group learning sessions, further help the candidates maximise their knowledge, effectiveness and analytical power. What makes SP PACE Academy a renowned institute is the fact that each applicant studying here is offered customised training solutions. This in turn allows each one to prosper and flourish in their respective industries.

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Reach Newer Heights with WSQ Programmes

In this competitive era, where almost every employee needs to prove his mettle, it is extremely important to stay updated with the newest skill sets, to rise above the others. There can be umpteen professional courses in the market promising to upskill you. However, you've got to find the best one from the lot to successfully acquire the knowledge that you intend to. WSQ programmes, offered at SP PACE Academy, are the ones many working individuals vouch for. Reason? Well, this is primarily because these courses offer content and training which meet the current market standards. WSQ courses or Workforce Skills Qualifications, as the name clearly states, aim to develop the potentials of the students so that they qualify for different types of career opportunities. What makes these courses even more relevant than the others is the fact that they are offered at SP PACE Academy, which appoints leading market experts and business managers, to train and guide the students. To make the most of your abilities and competencies, enrol yourself for WSQ courses, and reach the top of your career ladder.

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Value-based Blended Learning Courses Help in Boost

The perfect blend of offline and online training formats can help the participants better retain information and data. Owing to these benefits, blended learning courses have gained huge popularity. SP PACE Academy is a leading CET provider, which offers these courses for the working executives. These are courses which include both online and offline training that is online classes as well as in-person traditional classroom-based sessions. Such courses allow the students to dig deep into their subjects and get detailed insights into the market trends. Students pursuing these courses get a chance to nurture their skill sets and maximise their professional abilities. The hybrid training format is powerful, scalable and flexible. The course-participants get to improve their dexterity by learning through face-to-face classroom sessions as well as via digital platforms. Digital technologies blended with in-person training allow the candidates to sharpen their existing skills and learn newer ones. Moreover, industry-based assignments and project work, offered to the students, during these courses, step up the domain knowledge of the learners even more.

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Widen your Technical Knowledge with Engineering Co

Interested to boost your technical expertise and sharpen your engineering skills? Pursue engineering courses to give you career a head-start. SP PACE Academy, is a leading CET provider, based in Singapore, which aims to transform adult learners with career-oriented courses such as engineering, management, shipping and other programmes. This is an academy which fully prepares the learners with updated training classes and industry-relevant lectures. Moreover, the institute also runs seminars, workshops and conferences, which deepens the knowledge of the learners and improves their work approach. Special classes and training solutions are also offered to help the students get to the core of engineering concepts, techniques and phenomena. Some of the subjects on which students can pursue their engineering courses at this academy are mentioned as under: • Thermal Engineering • Machine Drawing • Applied Mechanics • Mathematics • Industrial Management • Fluid Mechanics • Electronics • CAD/CAM • Technical Documentation

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Become Industry-ready with Maritime Courses

Are you interested to get into the shipping sector and succeed as a maritime professional? Then up skill yourself through maritime courses. SP PACE Academy is a Singapore-based CET provider, which aims to nurture the potentials of the advanced learners through professional training programmes such as maritime courses and other certification courses. Training and development programmes focusing on maritime studies include Maritime Law, Maritime Insurance, Ship Repair and Ship Building, Yacht Surveying, Port Management, Tanker Operations, Ship Security, Freight Management, Yacht Brokerage, and more. Highly experienced trainers share their valuable knowledge, to prepare the students for their secure future. They impart relevant skills, which help the students step up their expertise. By cooperating with the students and guiding them with updated skills required in the maritime sector, these trainers ensure that each learner becomes successful in his professional path. SP PACE Academy fully equips each learner with industry-leading skill sets, which help the candidates go up their career ladder.

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Conversion Courses Make Career Transitions Easy

Looking to switch your career and upgrade yourself? Pursue conversion courses which allow you to make career transitions and work in the field you are interested in. Let's say you are working as a Digital Marketing Executive in a software company and you are looking for a role of an Accountant. In this scenario, you can easily take up a conversion course in Accounting and build your career as an Accountant. SP PACE Academy is a renowned CET provider, located in Singapore, which offers conversion courses. Pursuing conversion courses in your preferred subject, can help you widen your perspectives. You will not only learn about your preferred industry, you will also get an edge over your peers with the professional certification. These courses are great for mid-career professionals who look for professional growth in a newer work area and domain. Conversion courses, offered at SP PACE Academy, enable the participants to boost their career graph like never before.

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Industry-Relevant Training Boosts Career Developme

To maximise your productivity at work and hone your corporate skills, you can register for industry-relevant training courses from SP PACE Academy, situated in Singapore. This is a leading CET provider which aims to help the students upgrade their professional knowledge and expertise. The academy nurtures the potentials of the students and unleashes their talent through updated training. The trainers at SP PACE Academy conduct interactive classes, workshops and seminars. In fact, the lecturers at this academy are market experts themselves. Therefore, they have an extensive knowledge about various industries which allow them to train the working executives better. The lecturers know how to engage the students in group discussions, debates and quizzes. They even engage the students with regular assignments and project work. This enables the learners to widen their industry knowledge and develop strong work ethics. Career-based courses, offered at this academy, help the participants sharpen their existing skills and learn newer strategies. For more information visit: http://www.sp.edu.sg/wps/portal/vp-spws/pace

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Step Up Your Technical Knowledge with Engineering

Do you feel you need to develop your technical skills to grow in your career? Then apply for Diploma in Engineering courses and boost your industry-based knowledge. SP PACE Academy is a leading CET provider, which works towards helping the advanced professionals as well as the new hires accelerate their career. This training academy allows the students to broaden their knowledge base and sharpen their technical expertise. The engineering courses, offered at SP PACE Academy, enable the learners to gather knowledge on a variety of topics, ranging from robotics, computer science, sustainable energies, intelligent building design, aeronautics, and more. The academy organises workshops and innovative learning sessions to help the students dig deep into their desired work area. Special focus is given to each of the learners so that each one becomes dexterous and absolutely capable of taking up various job roles. The trainers give updated training to the students to enable them to succeed in this highly competitive job industry.

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Use SkillsFuture Credit To Fund Industry-based

Singapore-based SP PACE Academy is known to transform the lives of advanced professionals through SkillsFuture courses. The Government of Singapore provides a SkillsFuture Credit amount of S$500 to the citizens to help them pay the course fees. This allows the advanced learners to take ownership of their skills and industry expertise. The educational institute nurtures and maximises the potential of the learners to help them enhance their competency levels. SP PACE Academy is an institute which is renowned for its trainers and a large gamut of industry-relevant courses. By offering top-of-the-notch training to the adult learners, the academy aims to prepare the students for challenging careers ahead. It offers SkillsFuture courses and other training programmes for working executives. Through the skills-based training programmes, the academy helps the course-takers develop evaluation skills, better communication power and a positive approach towards work. The learners, who get certified from this academy, become a lot more well-versed and familiar with the latest industry best-practices than their non-certified peers.

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