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Survival needs knowledge Survival needs knowledge

Do you have idea that how vast a sea can be? See is vey wide and you can be affected by strom and winds. Do you know how to survive at sea? Do you have a life raft? Allow additional rations, if obtainable, to survivors enduring contact with chilled. Make an attempt to remain dried out and insulate your body from the cold surface of the bottom of the raft. Survival needs knowledge, gain that knowledge.  Courtesy: Survival Tricks    

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Tactical needs know-how - Survival Tactical needs know-how - Survival

Are you experiencing idea that will how substantial a sea may be? See is usually vey wide and be plagued by strom together with winds. Pick how to help survive with sea? Are you experiencing a lifetime raft? Permit additional rations, when obtainable, to survivors enduring exposure to chilled. Make a shot to remain waterless and insulate your system from that cold surface in the bottom in the raft. Tactical needs know-how, gain that will knowledge. ​ Courtesy: Survival Tricks    

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28 years spent on a isolated island 28 years spent on a isolated island

Survival is a technoque and also a positive view.  28 years spent on a isolated island.​ Budleley Island is a native populated island near the floodwaters of the Mediterranean region. The island's ownership is ragged between Italy and New Zealand. In 2016, a businessman sued the ownership of the island. Then it was found, what would happen to an 'old' who lived on the island? 18 thousand people stood for the old man. They signed the white paper, not the island for any but for the old man! He cannot be pulled out. It is not necessarily so. For whom the old man named Mouro Morandi Now hir age is 78. Current Addresses Budalie Island If the island is included in the Medina National Park, then Mouro Morandio. That's right.  Before listening to Morandi's story, listen to the island of Budeli. The island is called the 'Pink Island' because of its sandalwood. The creatures and plants of this island are unique in the heart of the blue watershed. But since the nineties the catastrophe has emerged. The movement of the island is closed to protect the natural balance. It is impossible to avoid the decayed island. Because there is nothing else but the natural beauty. In 1989, Mouro Morandi fell in love with this island. He came to catch fish with small rails. Come on the island to get water. The owner of the old villa, Mourandi, said, "It's all ineffective. You can keep it. 'Moradi did not return to the city. He decided to spend the rest of his life in quiet silence. Think of what works so much. In the beginning of the old age, many people talked about. They did not care. The house is build with the leaves. He used to read books sitting in a balcony  and listening to the music of the ocean waves.   Standing on the edge of the corner, I realized that 'A' is a prisoner's life, I am captive in this beautiful beauty! 'The great reads read this old day and night books. After two weeks, one of his well-wishers reached the island with the necessary things. He took care of the entire island's plants. Look after the animals. He is also interested in religion work. Meditate. And filled the eyes of the island's beauty, filled the mind. This is exactly 28 years of his cut! National Geographic Magazine recently released her story. There he said, I will not leave the island before death. Why live on this island? The answer is that the form of this island is silence. He is in love with Sunsan silence. He alone spent 28 years on this island, his perception of life is that people think of him as a great (super human), in fact they are nothing. Morandi hopes, one day people from all over the world will understand, nature love is real love, real religion.   Sponcer: Survival Tricks    

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Twin Survival Twin Survival

Survival is a technoque and also a positive view. Marian Fields   and Marie Jane is Twin sister. Both of them are now 66 years old. They have been together since the beginning of life. But now they are closer than ever before. Because they are now sharing their skin with each other. Marie Zen recently donated skin to her body with cancer-effected sister. This is the biggest skin replacement case. Marian Fields suffers with a rare type of skin cancer. Cancer spread rapidly in her body. Because of this cancer, wounds spread around her spine. Despite taking multiple surgery and radiotherapy, there was no improvement in her condition. Even the plastic surgeons could not show any hope. At the same time, Marie Zen came to the scene on the solution. She said to donate her skin for sister. Doctors decided to do that finding the eagerness of the sister to donate skin. Marie Jane told, "There is a possibility of donating skin and tissue. After knowing this there is no chance of hesitation. I have everything I need. Our two bodies actually live in a soul. She is my other entity. Jess Cellburn, Plastic Surgeon, MD of Anderson Cancer Center.   He also did the work of replacing the world's first head skin. He told   about the surgery of Marie Jane and Marian Fields, 'It was an incredibly complex surgery. We took more than 14 hours. I had five plastic surgeons in my team. First we remove the skin, tissues and blood vessels from Marie Zen's abdomen. After that we replaced these on Marian's back. There are eight different types of arterial and shredded areas that have to be operated. The tissue is replaced by 55 centimeters long and 22 centimeters in the back of Marian. According to the information received so far it is a record. Due to twins, tissue and skin replacement are comparatively easy, yet there are still significant risks. Now the doctors are waiting for Marian's body to see if Mary Jane Skin finally gets fit. And while taking this skin, Marian's cancer is spreading so quickly that they are also susceptible to the spread of new skin. Sponcer: Survival Tricks    

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Tent for survival Tent for survival

There are various survival kits and among them tent is one. If you want to go to long travel or an adventure you can carry one of those. Do you have any experience to stay in forrest in summer time? Tents can be used for  camping and  all types of adventures. There are family tents that is designed for families of all sizes, with multiple bedrooms and large living areas so that all family member can live on it. Pop up tents are popular for a party. Inflatabel tents can be pumped up in minutes. You can collect one tent for survival needs! 

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Tent at forest Tent at forest

There are various survival kits   like knief, fire, sticks and tents. In your collection, you can put with you. Have you any experience to stay in forrest in summer time? Tents is helpful for  camping and  all types of adventures. There are family tents and all family members can live in it Tents can be used in party. Inflatabel tents can be pumped up in minutes. You can collect one tent for survival needs! 

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Learn how to survive Learn how to survive

Survival training is a must for everybody. Senario of world becoming complex and necessary training is important. Have you find any person who never face hunger problem, accidient, health hazard, unemployment, disester from nature ? All we are beliving that our childrens will not face these problems, never! Basically its a foolish decision. We are trhying to give them a healthier world but natural rule is that everybody of this world will pass through a survival process .  What to do after road accidient? Many people of this world dying everyday due to road accidient.If you face cyclone what to do? Do you know all the process to take shelter?  Adversity is a common part of life. Life is a complex game and only survival training can save you. 

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Survival knowledge Survival knowledge

Have you ever been faced a disater? You will see that some will survive and some will not. Those who survive, is is a miracle? No, they know how to survive. Survival is a training, more knowledge you have, world will be more easy. Have you ever faced with hunger problem? There are tons of ways to overcme that. Main theme is if you trained earlier and have knowledge enough, your survival will be easy. Learn Surival tricks ! 

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 Any skill is helpful for survival Any skill is helpful for survival

You become the victim of a disaster alone, so now what is to be done? You like to join with the bests of woods or get assimilate with a native community completely unknown to you.  If you are skilled in using auto arms, it will be an advantage for your survival and an auto arm with you must help for self-defense and hunt to satisfy your hunger. So, it is an essential tool of prepping to train and arrange an auto arm. Next, consider the case of the capability and practice of making the garden. To be a gardener prepares you by doing a garden at your residence. This would provide fresh fruits and vegetable, in addition, your skill to plant will offer you scope to make the garden  at your disaster spot so that you could have the supply of food in case of facing long time survival.  You are competent at doing house hold work and you consider it as a less important deed. The fact is not such. Your skill of performing house hold jobs would be highly helpful for a camp life or even single survivor this skill will at least not you make bore to arrange jobs like cooking, washing. You know how to stitch or make useful items from used cloth then this little know-how can be a great achievement as you are to make the dress, especially during long lasting survival days.  You are a medical service related professional or you achieve any formal or informal training on the medical service provider. You will be the medical service authority for the community of survivors or if you are alone in a remote area you could take the proper decision by practicing your medical service knowledge to find you fit to survive.   You are a person with having mechanical knowledge and professional background. Proceed to take the responsibility to set the mechanical gear in the survival camp or you can arrange equipment even for single use to survive alone.  You are an IT professional. At this contemporary age of IT and information technology, you will be the first person of a group of the survivor to contact rest of the globe through your communication skill .   You are a scholar but unknown to any technique highly needed f survive, don’t get upset. Search your stock of knowledge to find any evidence, history or imaginary verse that will make the survivors inspired. Keep in mind that moral strength and preparation is the key to survive and you can be the master of supplying that spirit to the companion. If you are alone to survive remind your stock of wisdom and get inspired to survive alone. What you are and what is your skill or what is known to you, anything or all would be a useful tool for the survivor. Just employ and express your skill or knowledge to enhance your effort to survive .

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Take preparation for your old life Take preparation for your old life

Old is gold and also our old life. It will be gold if you know how to survive in old life. We are working for our family and also for old life. You may know that life is not too easy also not too difficult. The good portion of life is pleasent. Our life is short and we need a good preparation for our old life. Time is critical. Time is passing and we are heading for our old lilfe. Sometimes we feel glommy with our past but past is past. Do you know survival tricks in old life? If we are successful in present life it will also be in our old life too. You need to learn survival tricks for your old life .    

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