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Apr 22, 2017

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Working for all


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Finding the day clear and sunny the resident of Darlington, Washington, getting out enjoying the sun. They didn’t guess the tremendous odd was waiting for them as the heavy rain already has created untold damages. It resulted in the topmost tragic the great mudslide, that appeared in the year 2014 on the 22 days of March.

 According to Diane Boyd, a sixty years old compelled to stop his car facing the huge mudslide. It had the look of the cement slurry. None got able to guess what had been going to happen.
Another witness, President of Darrington named Martha Rasmussen, got far away than one mile of the real disaster spot with her hiking heard something tremendous was appearing, she didn’t find but could realize that a mammoth danger that she had to face. She felt appearing the danger from two separate directions.
 She had hurriedly got in her residence and there she along with her husband found the phone not responding. In fact the danger, the mud slide damaged all the phone, internet, TV including all the communication setup. Moreover, the slide created to block the road to get out of the disaster spot for almost all the 1,300 dwellers.
 But the brave citizen of the locality has proved that they are the real prepper and could survive under any circumstances. They don’t eagerly wait to get relief from the government authority rather they started to survive taking what they have.
All worked with facing extreme cold to remove mud. But they had to find 43ncasualty but their effort saves many with an infant. Some of the dogs of the surviving team got lost as those dogs met death due to extreme cold.
 Next week the team from county and federal arrived they asked local people to allow them to work but the local did not as they thought local men would do better than the outside. To work better with a joint effort they even left taking the meal at their residence rather they took the meal in a group and some engaged themselves to cook food for all.
 Even a new road had built close to the high way. It was a great deed as people had to drive more than 50 miles to work for their job. They also made a narrow road with one-way traffic. And the result of 14 hours of working for a month is the construction of a new road (by pass).
To memorize the 43 worst victims those had to breathe their last due to the disaster the local people planted 43 trees line on the reconstructed road. They lost 43 lives and so many other assets and to recover they worked extreme to their capability but they achieved a great achievement “Working for all”. 

Courtecty: Survival Tricks 

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