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Life Jacket Made Easy - Survival  - $0.00 USD Listing ID: 11339


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Apr 22, 2017

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Life jacket is a thing that can keep you in the water for an indefinite period of time. If you are tired of it in the body then there will be no fear of sinking. Huge people die due to the accident. It would have been possible to prevent this death easily if there were life jackets in the water transports.  Those people, who travel regularly on the river, are facing this risk. Even if you know swimming, it does not work much, because the vastness of the river, the flow of water, depends on many things, whether or not a person can swim to safe distance.

Again, the size of the life jacket, always carry them together and one problem. There are some inflexible life jackets, which are small in size, in an emergency, the air comes from a small cylinder and it is blown. But its value is much higher, and once it is used again it needs to add another cylinder again.

But today is not about pre-prepared. Today, if you face danger, then discuss what you have to do. Today we will know how to make things like a life jacket can be made by the things that are in hand.

 The main thing to stay on the floor is that you have to be light from the water.   You are to do the first thing,   remove the extra clothes   whatever. Just keep the cloth for the body at least. It's a life-threatening problem, there's no way to be ashamed. Increasing excessive clogged water will increase the risk of drowning. Shoes and socks should be opened. After this we will try to apply one of the following. Life jackets can be easily made with plastic bottles.  

Method 1: If you see the sinking of the boat grab some of the plastic bottles that are in your hand. Arrange them with the rope, the belt, and attach them to the upper part of the body. A two-liter water bottle is sufficient for the elderly to stay in the well. Special cases can take three. The bottles should be obstructed in such a way that even if the man becomes unconscious, his head floats in the water. For that, you can put a small bottle on the neck behind the head.

 Procedure 2: If you have a plastic bag, then fill the cloth inside them. Fill in such a way that it is filled with lots of space, but also lightens together. At this time, two or three bags of this type make attached in the upper part of the body, especially the back of the head. There is no problem when the whole body drowns until head is above. Be careful not to have a hole in the bag. If the hole is in the wat

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