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Articles - Childcare Singapore

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    Articles - Childcare vs kindergarten Singapore

Singaporean families are very concerned about the care their children will receive when they are no longer under their watchful eyes. Due to the increase of jobs available to people in Singapore, they find it more and more necessary to find a place for their children to be taken care of while they are working. There are two options for these concerned Singaporean parents. Those choices are to either leave the child at a childcare facility or allow them to attend a kindergarten. Both options leave a lot for the parents to consider. They will need to consider the pros and cons of each option and how long they will need the services of either. Childcare Singapore and Kindergartens both offer positives and negatives when looked at closely.

Child care Singapore facilities often come at a fairly high price. The price can range anywhere from three hundred dollars all the way to nearly three thousand. These prices can sometimes change if the director decides that he needs more money for the care and maintenance of his or her facility and the pay for his or her staff. That can be a negative for parents who apply to the child care service at one price, then later find out that they have to pay for a different one that they did not plan for in their budget. But these places are government regulated under Child care Acts, so parents can be assured of a quality facility that follows standard health and safety guidelines. It is also enforced that they have a staff that is well qualified to take care of the children's emotional and social health while they are within childcare Singapore. If it is known that they do not meet regulatory standards, then they can have their license revoked. Another good thing about these childcare Singapore facilities is that they follow nutrition plans. Not only do they feed their children according to suggested daily intake, they also make sure that the students are aware of the nutritional benefits of their food.

Within childcare Singapore Kindergartens have very similar standards of conduct when it comes to children, but both a plus and a minus of a kindergarten is that they have a greater number of children in attendance. This can provide a child with the opportunity to make a number of friends, but it might also limit the amount of personal time he or she might get with a teacher or caregiver. Another good thing that a kindergarten can offer that a most, if not all, child care facility can't is that children can attend them for free. That way a parent will not have to worry about the number of children they are placing within the facility because they will not have to budget for each. The kindergarten will also provide a different sort of education for students. They will focus more on curriculum than nurturing. While childcare Singapore centers also educate the children in their care, their main goal is to provide a safe and nurturing family-like environment. When a family is choosing between putting their child in a childcare versus a kindergarten, then they should make sure to think about what kind of fees they are willing to spend, what kind of education they want for their child, and what type of emotional and social support they should want around their child. In either environment, children will be grouped with others around their same age so they can learn and grow together. They will also develop friendships. Both facilities are also government controlled when it comes to the curriculum and nutrition they provide to the students.

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