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Articles - Childcare teacher salary Singapore

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    Articles - Childcare teacher salary Singapore

The salary for childcare teachers in Singapore can vary widely based on many factors. Singapore is well known for and in fact renowned for their educational programs. In Singapore, teachers are selected from the very top of their graduating classes. They are the best and the brightest of the group and their salaries commiserate with their important job. They are, after all, shaping the future. In Singapore it is widely accepted and even expected that teachers out-earn many other professions, including engineers and lawyers. The Ministry of Education in Singapore, often abbreviated as MOE, oversees the all of the policies relating to education in Singapore. The Ministry of Education recognizes the importance of high paid and happy teachers in its country, and strives to reward those high performers. The Ministry of Education governs ten educational entities. This includes Singapore Polytechnic, Negee Ann Polytechnic, the Council for Private Education, Temasek Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, the Institute of Technical Education, the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board and the Science Centre, Singapore. Together, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education in Singapore, these entities develop and implement teaching strategies and discuss issues of compensation including salary and benefits.

The salaries of childcare teachers in Singapore can vary widely. It is reported that the teachers may earn anywhere from one thousand, eight hundred dollars in salary per month all the way up to over four thousand, five hundred dollars per month. Some teachers are also offered additional bonuses based on performance or several other factors. These teachers report an annual salary in the range of thirty-five thousand to eighty-four thousand dollars. However, childcare teachers and preschool teachers in Singapore report a somewhat lower annual salary than their elementary and high school brethren. The typical salary range for childcare and preschool teachers in Singapore ranges from fifteen thousand dollars to over thirty-six thousand dollars per year. The average median salary for a childcare or preschool teacher in Singapore is approximately twenty-four thousand and six hundred dollars per year. Bonuses may or may not exist for teachers at this level. If bonuses are available, this can easily push the pay scale up significantly for those teachers. Overall, teaching under the Ministry of Education in Singapore is reported to be a positive one as the country appears to really value their teaching staff and understands the importance of the job they provide

Lately, the Ministry of Education has recognized the unfairness in the disparity of pay between its early childhood and preschool teachers’ salary and those teaching at the elementary level or higher. While upper level teachers are revered and compensated higher than lawyers and other respected positions, childcare teachers are often paid less than cleaners or waitresses. This results in a high turnover rate amongst early childhood teachers, who quickly realize that they are severely underpaid for the amount of work they do. Recognizing this issue and the important role that early education teachers play in children’s lives, The Ministry of Education in Singapore has unveiled a new incentive program to help attract teachers to the profession and keep them there long term. One incentive is that they are funding developing education programs at no or low cost to the participant. This will defray the cost of continuing education, which is a big benefit to both those working in the field and those utilizing early childcare centers. The Ministry of Education in Singapore is also revisiting the salary of childcare teachers and recognizes that it may be way too low. The Ministry plans to provide more than $10 million dollars to qualified teachers for scholarships and awards in hopes of attracting more teachers to the profession.

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