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Articles - Childcare Singapore

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    Articles - Childcare Singapore

Childcare in Singapore is much more varied in method and cost from the childcare one would expect to find in the US. Most parents have distinct and varying opinions on the proper methods for child care and it can be difficult to find a day care with policies and facilities that match their needs and wishes for their child. The search for a daycare can be arduous and length in any country, but particularly in Singapore where the varying nature of methodology has resulted in a city teeming with hundreds of child care locations. Daycares range from $300 a month to well over $2,000 a month. The price difference can be explained by the varied approaches to child care and interaction held by each individual daycare. Some facilities adhere to the belief that simplicity is best for young children. These facilities feel that providing a child with supervision, brick toys, and some sunshine each day is more than enough for proper development and socialization. Many parents share this hands off approach and advocate that children grow up fast and will have enough to do later in life that they should not be overwhelmed by activities so early in life. Other, more costly, daycares firmly believe that the more the better. These facilities believe that providing their charges with computers, child gyms, equipment and other complex toys is the best way to help a child grow into a functional adult. Parents who share this belief and can afford the added cost to enroll their child often select these locations.In this sense childcare Singapore is a matter of selection.

Each type of facility has its own merits, and parents must find a harmonizing balance between cost and methods that they believe in when selecting a daycare facility. If you are a parent who does not believe in specialized methodologies, then a low interaction facility where children are mostly permitted to play and entertain themselves is likely for you. These facilities also tend to be the most inexpensive and are therefore accessible to far more families. However, perhaps you feel that your child should be interacted with, challenged, and taught more actively each day. If you can afford the added premium for the tuition, then a high tech hands on facility is most likely for you. There are facilities that fall in the middle of the road between these two poles, where children receive more interaction but are not necessarily challenged all day long or given the most high tech toys.Basicallychildcare Singapore is an interesting topic in this aspects.

In the end, selecting a child care Singapore facility is a very personal choice and one that no family makes lightly. In Singapore, families have far more options than in most other locations, making it more feasible for everyone to find a facility that matches their needs perfectly. Once you have decided on your budget and determined what style of child care you would like, the process becomes a simple comparison shopping endeavor. If you believe in more interactive childcare but the cost is an issue, there are many government programs.

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