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Articles - Childcare policy Singapore

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    Articles - Childcare policy Singapore

If you make a living by working a job during a set time each day and you have a child to take care of, chances are that you’ll need to use a child care center. Singapore has such places like this follows different protocols and policies to ensure the safety and the comfortability of your children. Besides being one of the most affordable child care places out there, they also offer different options onto what hours they will take care of child. Be it full time, or part times. The government also offers various forms of assistance during the process of enrolling your children in the child care center. These things and many more are filed under Singapore’s child care policy.

One of the best features of the policy is that all of the child care centers have to meet the standards that the Republic of Singapore sets up. Any form of child abuse or anything relating to it won’t be present here. They are well maintained places that will keep up with the different laws put it place for the center. That being said, since there are a lot of children there, certain forms of illness may spread a little quicker than they would at home. For instance colds can run rampant when one child comes in contact with another who has a cold. The program is very affordable too. All of the personnel who work at here also have to follow these procedures. They are trained to be attentive and caring for the children to the best of their abilities as a team. Information to know though is that this sometime the children will not get one on one attention sometimes. A regulation of Child Care centers is that there should be one caregiver for every 5 babies under 18 months; 1 for every 8 children 18 to 30 months of age; and one for every 12 children that are 3 years and up). The government offers different forms of subsidies to help you pay for the centers. These include the Student Care Fee Assistance (SCFA) and the Centre-based Financial Assistance Scheme for Child Care (CFAC). Centre also offers different programs within in hopes to start your child off with a balance set of skill sets. They offer experiences that will help increase their physical, mental, emotional and academic standings. The children also learn from each other from being in close interaction with one another. They can pick up on the good traits of the other children in the care. For instance, they can learn how to use the potty. The center offers different time for the taking care of children. Be it full time or part time, they’ll try to accommodate you’re needs to the best of their abilities. Night workers unfortunately will not be able to leave their children there due to the hours of the centers. The Child care centers headed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) that branches into many different departments that regulates the care and treatment of the children in the care of the center. They ensure that your children are taken care of and also conduct public education for parents to raise awareness and support to help with children development.

Through the policies for Child Care Centers in Singapore, children are meet with a comfortable environment to not only grow and play with one another, but to also learn and develop physically, academically, emotionally and intellectually while you are away at work. It sees to that the children will be better from the moment you leave until the moment you get back with the variety of people there to care for them.

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