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Articles - Childcare finance Singapore

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    Articles - Childcare finance Singapore

Any family living in Singapore that has a child under the age of seven will have to start thinking about day time care for that child. Singapore therefore offers a number of childcare options for these parents. The different locations will of course have different price ranges, either due to the size of the facility, the education level of the people they have on staff, or which part of the city they are in. That is why, when a family searches for one of these locations, they need to take into consideration how much money they make, how many children they have, and how many years they will have to pay for the day care services. These factors will have to follow whatever budget they have available each month since the day care fees will have to be paid monthly. And if a family has a child that they are paying attendance fees for in a private school or in a college, they will have to use even more consideration when it comes to their daycare options.

Child care finance in Singapore is of great concern to the government, but the facilities are not under the control of the government when it comes to financing these institutions. They leave it up to each individual day care to determine how much pay is required from parents to pay for their childcare needs. The price can range anywhere from hundreds of dollars each month to thousands and can become a major expense to anyone with more than one child under the age of seven. So while the government does not take a direct hand in regulating fees in these facilities, the prices that the day care implements must be approved by them. And they cannot make any changes without first letting parents know what price they will be expected to pay or without informing the government of changes they are making to their payment system. Also, if a family finds that it is becoming difficult for them to pay for their childcare needs, they can apply for financial assistance from the government or for a scholarship from the daycare of their choice.

Families have to take care that some schools will display a different image upon visiting than the type of learning environment that is typical to their everyday methods. The parents should make sure that whatever fee they are paying is equal to the quality of care and education their child will receive. Some facilities may have a high price but actually provide little chance for a child to grow and learn healthily. Some places with a high fee are justified in how much they charge because they provide all sorts of technology to promote education geared toward the age and learning level of the children. They also follow the codes set forth by the Ministry and the Government in regards to child care. The teachers are up to date on curriculum and the building is regulated by a license. Hygiene and nutrition are also held at a high standard. Due to such high standards, and the lack of government involvement, the parents are left with the burden of paying the fees to be certain they are getting good care for their children. Child Care finance in Singapore does not leave a lot of options for parents who do not bring in a lot of income because those facilities that do not ask for a high fee can not increase the educational methods it offers. Some can do a lot with a little, but many parents will be left hanging. So parents just need to make sure to compare cost with actual benefit.

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