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Articles - Childcare career Singapore

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    Articles - Childcare career Singapore

One of the most important issues to families living in Singapore, whether native or foreign, is how to provide for their children, especially for those who families in which both parents work. The government provides subsidies to organizations that provide care for children ranging from a few months old to the age of seven, at which time children are old enough to begin elementary education at a school. Because of the high demand for quality services, childcare careers in Singapore are both competitive and lucrative. Many different agencies around the city help service the growing population of young families, tending to their children in a safe group environment that allows them to develop the necessary social skills that enable them to succeed by the time they are old enough to attend school. The government of Singapore, however, reserves a good portion of their funding to these organizations to specifically provide care for natives. Thus, foreign workers living in the Singapore area may find childcare rather expensive depending on which childcare company they rely on. The expanding population and overall explosive growth in Singapore has also made the need for specialists in child care more readily apparent, and individuals that choose to work in this field are in high demand.

Depending on what capacity the childcare specialist serves in, their future career working with children may require them to be certified with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, which is a government agency that oversees various child and family related issues in Singapore, including childcare facilities. Each company that provides childcare services must abide by their laws and regulations on issues including facility maintenance, hiring and other such issues. The MSF also requires that any group providing childcare for payment must be registered with them; this includes smaller family-run businesses as well as the largest childcare academies in Singapore. The oversight from the MSF ensures that each childcare facility is running a safe, clean and productive environment that allows the children in their care to enjoy their early formative years. Childcare specialists looking to work in Singapore must be aware of these regulations and the role of the MSF before beginning employment, as the government regulations take precedence over any particular institutional rules for the specific organization that they work for.

One of the bright spots for family childcare groups in Singapore is the availability of government financial aid for needy families that need childcare. Loans and cost-assistance aid are available by application from the MSF and several other entities to help assist with the often prohibitive costs of daytime childcare, which is common among all large cities around the world. This financial aid, however, is usually only available to those who are native to Singapore, and as such foreigners often have to pay the full, unreduced fees. These fees are often quite expensive as well, because of the high demand and limited capacity for childcare available. This incredible demand for such a basic service ensures employment for those that are interested, provided they do not have prior criminal convictions or other issues that would impede their employment. Each employee's record is carefully checked by the hiring agency prior to employment, however, as part of the MSF regulation regarding employable individuals. Generally, the applicant must also have a friendly demeanor and past experience in a childcare capacity in order to be considered for the position; former or current parents are preferred. If you are interested in an exciting and caring career that helps the community in Singapore, love children and helping them develop, and want to help provide a vital service to families, childcare may be the right choice for you.

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