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Articles - Childcare business Singapore

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    Articles - Childcare business Singapore

Childcare is a personal business. Childcare is a rewarding business. As a business owner in childcare, you are not dealing with an unknown client, instead people are entrusting you with their children. A childcare business must be upfront, trusting, and always put the client first. The main reason for childcare is for parents who need to return to work. There are two routes that prospective parents can look at: they can hire a personal babysitter who will come to the house and look after the child or they can enroll the child into a school. The childcare business in Singapore focuses on the benefits of schools and daycares. Enrolling the child in a school has many benefits such as social interactions, qualified teachers, and learning benefits. Luckily, the Early Childhood and Development Agency (ECDA) of Singapore has provided childcare businesses with regulations, guidelines, and suggestions about childcare in Singapore.

According to the Early Childhood and Development Agency there are six important things to consider in a childcare business: the physical environment, health/safety/nutrition/hygiene, staffing, program, administration, and community resources. All of these factors are needed in order to be a successful childcare business in Singapore. The physical environment pertains to the layout of the classroom. There have been numerous studies that pertain to the importance of having free floor space, activity/interest corners, and safe outdoor spaces. The cleanliness of the school is one of the most important things in Singapore. The spread of disease is common among children so it is important that they are in an environment that focuses on hygiene. The school is responsible for being up to code for all safety and hygiene concerns. Also it is important to use common sense when teaching your children about interacting with their peers. In Singapore, the average staffing ration is 1:25, meaning one teacher to every 25 students. This is the average requirement; more expensive schools may impress you by having more teachers in order to provide more attention to the students. All staff needs to have the appropriate qualifications. The program for students should be geared towards the child. The three guidelines set by the Early Childhood and Development Agency is student management, positive staff-student interaction, and center-parent partnership. Administration is the paperwork side of the childcare business. They take care of all the important paperwork such as emergency information, permission slips, and medical histories. Most childcare businesses in Singapore provide community resources for its students and parents. These resources are for families in need and include ComCare call, family service centers, and school counselors. The childcare businesses in Singapore are set up to provide a safe learning center while their parents are at work.

In Singapore there are over 700 childcare businesses. These businesses consist of schools, daycares, babysitters, and tutors. All are working toward a common goal of taking care of children, whether it be for academics or personal, they exist to help parents. In Singapore, childcare businesses are regulated by Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports’ (MCYS). The Early Childhood and Development Agency regulates all school programs for children under the age of six. It is a brand new (started in April 2003) department of the ministry to help new parents find safe and good childcare for their young children. They have provided numerous studies and reports about how the childcare business should be run to benefit the child. When looking at childcare businesses in Singapore, whether you plan on using one or starting one, it is important to remember that childcare is to provide a safe place for the child to grow and develop.

Training in childcare can branch out to a number of different fields and qualifications. Colleges that are approved by the Ministry and Workforce Development Agency can offer courses that will guide educators to a standard Diploma in the care and education of young adults, a Professional Diploma, and even to a Specialist Diploma in the field of Child Care and Education. The courses involve first learning about children. One must understand children if they are to teach them. The classes start with basic information on how children learn from in the different stages of their growth, such as from toddler to adolescent and so on. The courses will also teach different disabilities and exceptionalities child care educators may come in contact with during their career. It provides the educator with a background of knowledge on what to do in certain situations and how to help other children learn and relax in an environment of students who learn and interact on different levels. This way, the students are not just being watched over by those who are in charge, they are also learning from them and developing character.

Childcare education courses extend into the field of reading and other skills childcare specialists will find necessary in a child care facility. Looking after the child while guardians are at work is only part of the process of being a child caregiver. Child Care courses in Singapore are growing rapidly to keep up with the number of people entering the job market. Singapore is preparing its workforce to focus on their career while knowing that their children are not only being well taken care of in clean and Ministry approved facilities, Singapore is making sure that those children are being taken care of by well educated people who are aware of Ministry standards in regards to good child care practices. The courses will train the educators in their program how to have strong leadership abilities as well as an understanding of the emotional needs that some of the children will need met. Childcare courses are offered extensively in Singapore and are designed to fulfill a complete core of educational skills.

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